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HAPPY PMS CREAM;  natural progesterone for pregnancy, PMS, menopause, Happy PMS Cream 600mg USP progesterone per oz Dr. John R. Lee  recommends. Adam's Prostate - progesterone for men, male PMS, Rinkle Free, Equalizer Plus joint arthritis pain formula.  Cycle Balance Cream

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Happy PMS Cream is a natural progesterone cream.  PMS Cream for hormone balancing contains 600 mg natural USP progesterone per oz. and natural ingredients.  There is nothing happy about PMS but balancing your hormones with natural progesterone is the best first defense.

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HappyPMSCream.com presents two natural progesterone creams to choose from.  Happy PMS Cream and Cycle Balance Cream. Cycle Pro Balance Cream is a cold-pressed progesterone cream and we consider it to be an extremely efficient product.  

Happy PMS Cream most popular questions are answered below.

Other frequently asked questions can be found on our FAQ page. Questions like: How much progesterone cream do I use? What if I am pregnant? How much natural progesterone is in each serving? Is Happy PMS Cream really safe for pregnancy?

Other products include: 
Adam's Prostate progesterone cream for men, Equalizer Plus for the symptoms and pain relief of arthritis, neuropathy and restless leg syndrome.  Rinkle Free cream, Pregnancy tests, OvaCue, Fertility Tracker and other fertility products have been added to our store for your convenience of purchasing a combination of healthy fertility supplements while purchasing your favorite progesterone creams.We are sure you will be extremely happy with our products and the reputation they carry with them. Our product store has many of the products you are looking for in regards to pregnancy, fertility, infertility, miscarriage prevention and menopause.

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Natural health is a passion with our company and we strive to bring you the safest and most efficient products available for hormonal natural health care and beyond.

Remember to take a look at the Equalizer Plus, pain relief cream and Rinkle Free Facial Cream. These two products boast of the same natural ingredients and superior results. Happy PMS Moisturizing Body Cream is a 100% all natural progesterone cream.

The most effective method of restoring physiological -equivalent to normal body function- progesterone levels, is with the proper supplementation of transdermally applied natural progesterone. Happy PMS Body Cream is a technologically advanced light, greaseless, moisturizing formulation of natural progesterone in a hypo-allergenic, non comedogenic (won't clog pores) aloe vera base, free of odor and fragrance. 1200 mg of natural progesterone in each bottle (that's 25 mg per 1/4 teaspoon dose). 2 ounces in each pump bottle or jar.

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Natural Progesterone Cream is used by women in all stages of life. The young teen (to regulate menstrual cycles and relieve cramps), PMS symptoms relief, Menopause and Post Menopause, Endometrioses, Fibroids (Uterine and Breast), Osteoporises and to help get pregnant (Infertility), Maintain Pregnancy, Prevent Miscarriage due to low progesterone and high estrogen levels and for Postpartum Depression just to name a few. Dr. John Lee writes natural progesterone cream is good for women to help prevent strokes, breast cancer, and it also regulates the sticky platelets in the blood. You can and should use natural progesterone before during and after pregnancy!

Why use Happy PMS? 
Our progesterone creams are:

  • Formulated to Dr, John Lee's specifications
  • Plant derived
  • No fragrance
  • Plant derived
  • No fragrance
  • No color added
  • No added herbs


Caprylic/Capric Triglycerides, Glyceral Stearate, Stearic Acid – vegetable derived, Glycerin – vegetable derived, Progesterone(USP) – derived from the Mexican Wild Yam and converted to progesterone, it is an exact match to the body’s own progesterone, Cetyl Alcohol – derived from plants, Tocophero – Natural Vit E, Daucus Carota Sativa (Carrot) Root Extract, Beta-Carotene – derived from carrots, Cymbopogon Schoenanthus (Lemongrass) oil,  Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe) Leaf Extract,  Persea Gratissima(Avocado) oil, Rosemarinus Officinals(Rosemary) Leaf Extract,  Citric Acid – from Citric Fruits, Silver Citrate – used with Citric Acid as anti-bacterial, Xanthan Gum – plant derived, Sodium Hydroxide – alkaline ingredient used to modify the pH.  Made by combining fats and oils.

In pregnancy, progesterone is necessary to prevent the premature shedding of the uterine lining. Any drop in progesterone levels or blockage of its receptor sites at this time will result in the loss of the embryo (miscarriage).

The writings of Dr. John Lee, teach that, progesterone promotes metabolism of maternal fat for energy and maintains stable blood glucose, both of which support fetal growth and development, especially of the brain. He also says that babies of mother who received natural progesterone showed greatly improved intelligence and have strong serene, independent characters pregnancy. The following information is from the manufacturer:

Where Should I Apply Natural Progesterone?

Natural progesterone in a moisturizing cream can be applied to the face, neck, inner arms, chest, breasts, hands or soles of the feet. The cream is readily absorbed and leaves no trace after a few minutes. During absorption the cream by-passes the liver and goes to specific receptor sites where progesterone is needed.

How Do I Use The Cream?

Please Note: One inch strip of cream from the pump equals 1 / 4 tsp. Each 1 / 4 teaspoon or 1 inch strip both contain 25ml of USP natural progesterone.

Wanting to get Pregnant:

happy pms cream buy cheap best priceUse 1 / 4 tsp. twice a day, days 8 thru 26 for two months. On the third month, use 1 / 4 tsp. twice a day, the day following ovulation through day 26. If there is a possibility of pregnancy, DO NOT stop using the cream until you take a pregnancy blood test at day 26. If negative then resume scheduled use. If test is positive, use as directed for pregnancy.  Great site for infertility: InfertilityWorkshop.com

During Pregnancy: Why use Happy PMS for a Happy Pregnancy?

Recommended by John R Lee, MD. Use 1 / 4 tsp. three times a day from conception. In third trimester, gradually decrease and discontinue 2 weeks before scheduled delivery time. Apply primarily to abdomen, breasts, lower back, and upper thighs (where it will help prevent stretch marks).

NOTE: Do not use for at least one month after delivery if you are breast-feeding. (Our note: The reason for not using progesterone after pregnancy when breast feeding is because progesterone naturally suppressive prolactin; the hormone responsible for producing breast milk.)


If you are breast-feeding and experience symptoms of PMS, Post-Partum Depression, or Estrogen Dominance, you may use natural progesterone cream no sooner than 30 days after delivery. Use 1/8 tsp twice daily for three weeks per month until regular cycle occurs, then resume usage as a woman menstruating.

Postpartum Depression

If you are breast feeding make sure to allow 30 day for milk to establish before using! If you are not breast feeding began to use after the 1st period on day 12 thru 26. Use 1/4tsp two times per day just as a Woman menstruating on a monthly cycle.

Recommended Reading:

A Natural Guide to Pregnancy and Postpartum Health, What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Menopause. John R. Lee, M.D. with Virginia Hopkins New York: Warner Books 1996. What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Premenopause John R. Lee, M.D, Jesse Hanley, M.D. and Virginia Hopkins New York: Warner Books 1999. What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Breast Cancer John R. Lee, M.D. David Zava, Ph.D And Virginia Hopkins

happy pms cream buy cheap best priceHappy PMS Natural Progesterone Cream, Adam's Prostate men's progesterone, Equalizer Plus Cream - pain relief for joint and arthritis stiffness, Rinkle Free and Simplee Wonderful.  Find out how to get yours FREE. 1200 mg per 2oz.  Order products, visit our article pages to learn more about Happy PMS cream or look at our FAQs about progesterone cream page. 

Remember that natural progesterone cream is tooted as a must have by Dr. John R. Lee MD during pregnancy as well as before and after.  Babies have been shown to have a higher IQ when progesterone cream supplementation was present. 
See our other site for articles about spotting during pregnancy: ReasonsForSpotting.com.

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