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Progesterone Cream & Pregnancy

There are many recommendations out there on the usage of progesterone cream during pregnancy, from “Use it for only the first seven weeks” to “Use it all the way until the 38th week.”  What is the correct recommendations?  This answer is probably as individual as each person reading this, and largely depends on whether or not the pregnant mom has low progesterone.

 A Few Facts

Physicians are discovering that the use of progesterone, be in vaginal suppositories, oral pills or transdermal cream, may help in preventing early miscarriage and preterm labor.  There are many physicians in the USA that are now administering progesterone shots to women at risk for preterm labor.  I believe that the consensus is for the progesterone shots or oral progesterone simply because that is what the “pharmaceutical” companies are promoting.  Natural progesterone cream is just as effective, in my opinion, as these prescription-based progesterone.  I even have customers who will purchase cream from me on their doctor’s recommendations for stopping preterm labor.  Though the vast majority of traditional physician either doesn’t know about the benefits of progesterone cream, or doesn’t truly believe in it, I’m finding that the tide is slowly turning as more doctors are finding out the truths about this.

Why am I so passionate about progesterone cream?  I’m not a medical professional, but I am one who has great experience with the cream, and great success.  I have a retail business where I sell one particular brand only, Happy PMS Cream.  Before I settled on that brand I researched the progesterone cream market for two years.  I wanted to find the best cream available, and wanted to try it out for myself.  

My history is one of early miscarriage and preterm labor and premature birth.  Before I ever knew that progesterone cream even existed I had given birth to my first two babies prematurely and suffered two early miscarriages.  It was this reason that spurred me on to learn about human reproduction and in return discovering that progesterone cream is extremely beneficial in preventing early miscarriages that are due to hormonal imbalances. 

When I became pregnant with my third baby, I still hadn’t learned about the use of progesterone cream throughout pregnancy.  At that point, I was more interested in preventing an early miscarriage.  So I stopped the cream at seven weeks.   

I went into preterm labor at 30 weeks and continued fighting to keep my baby inside me for seven long weeks.  I was hospitalized for six nights, and give magnesium sulfate twice, and numerous other drugs to stop the labor, as well as steroid shots to mature the baby’s lungs.  I finally gave birth to my third baby at 37 weeks.    Continue article below...

Then, about a year later I discovered Happy PMS Cream and talked in depth with the manufacturer.  To make sure it was as good as they claimed I decided to use the cream myself for a couple of months before deciding on whether or not to offer it to my customers.  My luteal phase the previous months were around six to nine days.  I had assumed that pregnancy wasn’t even an issue at that point.  But I did conceive that first month I was the Happy PMS Cream. 

Scared of a repeat of my third pregnancy, I phoned the manufacturer who strongly suggested I stay on the cream until my 38th week of pregnancy.  I did, and my fourth pregnancy was my easiest one yet.  I not only escaped preterm labor, I went on to carry my baby two days past her due date.  

That is what made me a firm believer in the power of progesterone cream, and why I have used it throughout pregnancies.  It’s why I believe that any pregnant woman at risk for preterm labor would benefit from using the cream throughout pregnancy.   

Some experts say that pregnant women produce incredible amounts of progesterone and never need progesterone supplementation.  But I feel my own experience proves otherwise.  While I am sure that some women will produce enough on their own, other women like me, can save their pregnancies simply by rubbing progesterone cream two or three times a day onto their bodies until the 38th week of pregnancy.


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happy pms natural progesterone cream hte zeller
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